Meet The Team: Morgan Bagg

While growing up, someone once told me that life is what you make it. It looks like I took that to heart from a young age because somewhere along the way, I signed up for the greatest journey I could ever imagine, and I’ve been striving to live out that dream ever since. I’m a  powerful blend of a girl with tomboy tendencies,  who is also on a serious mission to leave the world a better place than I found it. Since life truly is what you make of it, and if we are in fact our own authors, may this be the story of a girl who  never settled, dreamed big and always hoped to inspire others to follow suit.” –MB

God, Country, Family, & Sports.
A Baltimore Native, she is a mid 20’s something still attempting to discover and live her dream.

While she may have a Bachelor of Science from Ithaca College in Environmental Science, upon graduation, she quickly learned that her first love of sports was really where she had wanted to be.

Having been previously MLB and MiLB employed, she has continued her close relationship to the world of sports, by working full time for the biggest, baddest brand – Under Armour. The place where athletes live and work to get better every day.

Under Armour is the brand I grew up with.It all started at a U-13 soccer tournament when my parents had to run out and buy me a Coldgear compression shirt. Now that I’m behind the doors, I love it even more. . As KP always likes to say, ‘We are just getting started.’ Every day is something new, and the pace is absolutely manic. But it’s a tremendous brand to be a part of.

You’d think being busy making all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation wouldn’t leave too much time for anything else. Well you’re right, so why blogging on Not A Gameday Guide?

I’ve always been a sports fan to the core. Not entirely sure how that happened because my parents are not huge sports fans, but here I am. I gradually found myself connecting with the sports world on social media. It was the weirdest thing because I felt like it was online dating but for sports. It’s pretty cool being connected to very like minded people who just eat, breathe, think and talk sports all the time. What has come out of it is Not A Gameday Guide.   Blogging lets me connect to people in more than 140 characters, which can be nice sometimes. Not a true writer, but this kind of writing has been way better than the science related,  MLA formatted papers I’m used to.Sports are my passion and life is a journey. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this experience with me, or something.

When not helping to grow the UA brand or blogging on Not A Gameday Guide, she can often be found at a ballpark, either Camden Yards or Nationals Park. The ballpark atmosphere is the best around, bar none. Otherwise, she is probably surround by friends, family, and her dogs.

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