It’s the Capitals’ Year

Okay, so maybe it isn’t, hopefully it is, but . Being a DC Sports fan, every year we are seduced by this tremendous, almost historically good regular season team whether it is baseball or hockey. And every year we have our hearts ripped from our chests in disappointment when that team loses within the early round(s) of the playoffs.

This year the Capitals, at this moment, have a +71 goal differential, they are relatively healthy are are currently burning through a 12 game winning streak at Verizon Center. That kind of offense honestly makes me think of the Bruce Boudreau  days; where our then young shooters were going to bail the team out of any and every situation. It worked really well until the playoffs came around. But for whatever reason, this year looks completely different.

In their last 11 home games, they have 5 or more goals.

“Capitals can score goals.” That is old news.. but yes, it is bananas by pretty much everybody’s standards. Okay, so why is this year any different? Coupled with the goal scoring they’ve gotten on the front end, they have been killing it on the defensive end of the ice as well. Our of their last 11 home games, 5 of their wins have been shut outs.

So you mean to tell us that the Capitals have all 4 line clicking AND their goalie is playing like a man possessed? Good luck rest of the NHL.

Hopefully this bye week is used well, to get their men healthy and to keep the eye on the prize… a Stanley Cup.  But if I’ve learned anything over the last 10 years of being a Capitals fan, hope for the best, but expect the worst. Last year when there was that huge snowstorm, the Capitals went from “red hot” to “hot garbage.” I will be optimistic that this break will be a lot different and optimistic that all signs are pointing to this being the team to get the job done this spring.

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