The 7th Inning Stretch: Ethan Chapman

(Courtesy of Ethan Chapman)

Normally when you think of professional athletes, you immediately think of the big names you see on TV or see on your social media feeds. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has no idea who a Mike Trout or a Bryce Harper is, regardless of what sports they follow.  So often we (yes, even baseball fans) tend to forget about the unsung teammates that help to round out organizations, a.k.a pretty much any minor league player not picked in the first 2 rounds of any draft.  One such player, is Ethan Chapman.

Originally drafted by the Royals in the 30th round in 2012, Chapman has since put together several quality professional seasons from single A on up. In 2012, he won the 2012 Idaho Falls (Royals’ rookie league) player of the year award. In his first professional season, he batted .313 with a homer, nine triples, nine doubles, 29 RBI’s and 25 stolen bases, over 67 games played. From there he has spent time between a couple of different minor league stops in both AA and AAA along the way. Here is a short video of a little big of what you could expect to see with Chapman on the field: click here. Over the course of his minor league career, he has racked up 274 hits, 69 stolen bases, and a on base percentage of .336.

(Courtesy of Ethan Chapman)

Not A Gameday Guide: If you had to compose your Baseball HOF Ballot right now, who would be the players on it?

Ethan Chapman: My vote for the Hall of Fame would be Bagwell, Vlad Guerrero, Tim Raines, and Pudge Rodriquez

NGG: Carpool Karaoke, what is on your mix list?

EC: I would have to have Usher, NF, and a little bit of Eminem on my road trip mix

NGG: Who are some of your favorite twitter accounts to follow?

EC: My favorite twitter accounts to follow are Gary Vaynerchuk, Ken Rosenthal and Cory Gregory

NGG: What do you think you’d be doing if you were not playing professional baseball?

EC: If I wasn’t playing baseball I would probably be an entrepreneur or in a Sports Marketing firm.

NGG: In your downtime, you seem to enjoy reading. What books would you recommend to others?

EC: I love to read, right now I am focused on my spiritual and business growth. I’ve recently read books like Shoe Dog (story of Nike sorry 😦  ) by Phil Knight, Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusco,  People Over Profit by Dale Partridge, and Greater by Steven Furtick.

NGG: Describe one hidden talent or quirk that not a lot of people know about you.

EC: One hidden talent would have to be that I am double jointed and have very thin and stretchy skin.

NGG: Floyd “Money” Mayweather v Conor McGregor, who are you taking and why?

EC: If it’s a boxing match I’ll take Floyd but if anything goes I’d say McGregor. Both are masters of their craft, but either way I would pay to watch on Pay Per View.

NGG: Out of the following, if you could only watch one for the rest of your life, would you pick Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, the Rookie, Angels in the Outfield or the Sandlot?

EC: I would have to say Sandlot, but my favorites are For Love of the Game and The Natural.

NGG: Any guilty pleasures?

EC: My guilty pleasures are my sweet tooth and also love watching Flip or Flop and home designer shows.

NGG: If you had to say some big acceptance, “thank you” speech, who would be the first person you would mention?

(Courtesy of Ethan Chapman)

EC: I would first mention my mom in my Thank You speech. She recently passed away due to leukemia. The impact she had and will continue to have on my life I’ll never forget or replace. Blessed to have been raised by her.

NGG: Do you really remember your first home run?

EC: My first homerun in little league I was 12 years old and it almost went foul down the right field line. My first pro home run was in Colorado against Grand Junction in Rookie Ball. I crushed that ball but probably got out because of the thin air in Colorado 😉

NGG: Talk to us about your involvement with Athlete’s Brand.

EC: Athletes Brand is a high quality clothing company that teams up with people from all sports and walks of lives to bring some attention as well as fundraising for the players specific foundation. Kyle Mauch is a great person on a great mission. He is living his dream and helping people. Very proud of him.

NGG: Minor league baseball is most likely not the dream, and can be tough in a lot of different ways physically, personally, etc. What keeps you motivated to stick with the game?

EC: Minor league baseball does have its ups and downs, but what keeps me going is remembering that baseball is a game and to constantly remind myself to have fun. There are parts of baseball that most guys would say they could do without. But staying focused on your goals and staying humble are a way to combat the downs of the game.

NGG: Who do you think your wife really loves more, you or your dog, Henri?

(Courtesy of Ethan Chapman)

EC: I would have to say it’s a tie between me and our dog Henri competing for the love of my wife! He likes to cuddle more than me but he also takes up more room in the bed than I do. (Yes he sleeps in our bed)

NGG: What’s next? (career or otherwise)

EC: Right now for my playing career we are heading to Mexico to play for Vaqueros Laguna. Kylie my wife quit her job, and we are renting out our house and really trusting God. After this season we will see what happens. I really want to own my own business. I’ve been slowly looking at opportunities as we are excited for what is next!

So there you have it, Ethan Chapman, the  I mean, fighting for space in bed with the dog? I think it is something we can all relate to.

Courtesy of Ethan Chapman

We want to thank Ethan for his time, and definitely wish him all the best this season down in Mexico!

If you want to talk to Ethan about his HGTV choices, follow his journey this season down in Mexico or see more of his dog Henri, follow him here!
Twitter: @EthanMChapman
Instagram: @EthanChapman23

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