Fresh To Death

Ahh, tis the season where MLB teams around the league host their annual winter/fan fests. They are always a great time to hang out with your favorite players and coaching staff, meet the latest additions to the club, play some games, and win some free stuff.

Well this year at their annual Winterfest, the Nationals decided to unveil the newest addition to the lineup of jerseys for the 2017 season. Already known for these special jerseys, the latest jersey is a mix of the club’s alternate navy and white, with the stars and stripes curly W logo on the chest.

(via @letteddywin)
(via @letteddywin)

I know that I said that this wasn’t a fashion blog, but dang I love these. I love the Navy ones more, but I am happy that the stars and stripes are still sticking around. Looks like I am not alone in that:

But as with any change comes negativity:

What are your thoughts?

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